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My Roadtripping Plans for the Summer of 2023

Scroll down for Sept. 2 updates!

I'm currently in Connecticut, hanging with the fam and enjoying getting slept on by my new nephew.

I'll be leaving on June 19th for another cross-country adventure in the camper. I'll be hitting my 50th state (North Dakota), driving through Montana, and seeing a number of national parks that have been on my bucket list. I really only have the first half planned out:

July 1: Issaquah, WA, for my friends' wedding (Hi, Clare and Alex!)

July 3-12: Roadtripping Vancouver to Calgary with my mom, stopping in Canada's Glacier, Yoho, and Banff National Parks

July 13-18: Glacier National Park, Montana with my BFF Craig

In the intervening weeks here, I am wandering the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and crossing some more parks off my bucket list. I just hit North Cascades National Park, and I'll be headed to Mount Rainier and Olympic next. Then I'll be driving the coast down to Portland because why not? Seems like it'll be very pretty. Here's a general outline of what my next two weeks will look like, starting in Paradise, Washington, in Mount Rainier National Park:

August 11-13: Skamania, WA, for my friends' wedding (Hi, Chris and Dani!)

August 14-17: Roadtripping from Bend to Sacramento with my BFF Lizzie, stopping in Crater Lake NP in OR and Redwood and Lassen Volcanic National Parks in CA

I'm so excited to catch up with all these friends and see these beautiful national parks. The pictures look amazing, but I am dedicated to keeping this blog free of stock photos, so you'll just have to wait to see what I come up with! (Or, you know, Google it yourself...)

I'm going to hang out with my friends in California for a bit before heading back east (hopefully via Colorado and maybe North Carolina) in late September or early October. I'm not making those plans this early. I just know that I need to be home by November because driving back east this past November was frigid and miserable. So I'm planning to get back earlier, and aside from that, who knows?

Updated: Sept 2

I'm headed out on the 6th or 7th for the next leg of my trip after a few weeks in sunny Oakland. I'm meeting BFFs Craig and Sanaya in Colorado for a fun trip. Here's my plan for getting out there:

I'm going to head to Tahoe and catch four National Parks on my way to pick them up from the Denver airport: Great Basin, Canyonlands, Arches, and Rocky Mountain. I'm planning 10 days for this 25-hour trip so I can take my time, work, and enjoy my stops.

Once I get them from the Denver airport on Sept. 17th, we're headed south to Colorado Springs to see some great sights and hopefully check out Great Sand Dunes National Park. I'll bring them back to the airport on the 22nd, and then make my final leg of the drive back to Connecticut. (Hopefully, I'll find a couple of interesting stops then, too, but that remains to be seen.)


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