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A Golden Afternoon in Golden, Canada!

After Glacier National Park, we drove to Golden, where we spent the afternoon and night. The population is apparently less than 4,000 residents, but you'd never know it. Golden has a decent-sized town and a lot of charm. It also acts as basecamp for heliskiing, snowmobiling, and other outdoor adventures. The best tourist destination in Golden is undoubtedly the Golden Skybridge.

This adventure park is built around a gorge in the Columbia Valley, and the 426-foot high steel and wooden bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Canada. I thought it was a lot of fun walking across, but my mom didn't like the shaking bridge so much and wouldn't let go of the railing.

There are also two bridges because the path is one-way and there's no other way back across the gorge. The waterfall above the gorge is beautiful, and the walk through the wooden (albeit over-developed) forest was nice.

The park has a rope course, a zip line, a roller coaster, and a canyon swing. I am attaching a map of the Golden Skybridge park so you can see all the fun things to do.

map of Golden Skybridge adventure park in Golden BC Canada

Golden had a small library (for charging our devices) and a few well-rated restaurants. I enjoyed getting to see the town and camping next to the silty and colorful Kicking Horse River.

image of milky teal kicking horse river


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