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A Valencia Must-See: The Oceanographic

Even if you're not a fish fan, the Valencia aquarium needs to be on your list. Why? Well, it's the largest aquarium in Europe with more than 27 acres (110,000 sq meters) and ELEVEN MILLION GALLONS (42M liters) OF WATER. There are 45,000 animals comprising over 500 different species, and there really is something for everyone.

The Oceanographic (L'Oceanogràfic in Valencian) is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Valencia, a neighborhood known as the City of Arts and Sciences. The architecture of this complex and of the Oceanographic itself is really something to behold. This alone is worth the ticket, which starts at around €30 for the Oceanographic but can be paired with other facilities in the complex. On top of that, the Oceanographic has an underwater restaurant, an aviary, a 4-D cinema, and a massive dolphinarium.

The entire complex takes a good couple of hours to get through, and I didn't even stop to see everything. If you are traveling with little ones, plan at least a half day for your Oceanographic adventure. It really is worth it!


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