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Singapore's Best Brunch Spot is 57 Floors Up in the Marina Bay Sands

Since its opening in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands has become Singapore's most iconic building. The complex is absolutely massive and has a 5-star hotel with over 2,500 rooms, a convention center, a casino, a shopping mall, a museum, a movie theater, and more. We got dropped off on the wrong side of the street, and because you have to go underground to cross (there's no crosswalk), it took like five minutes to find our way to the other side.

marina bay sands complex singapore

The Marina Bay Sands is also easily the most photographed building in all of Singapore. You can get photos of from across the marina (above), on their downtown boardwalk, or from the other side, on the Skyway in Garden's by the Bay (below).

marina bay sands singapore view from gardens by the bay

But if you're looking for one of the best views of Singapore, you've got to get to the top of the Marina Bay Sands. Balanced between and overhanging all three towers, the top floor looks like a giant boat, hence the nickname "the boat hotel." It has an amazing 150 meter (almost 500 feet!) long infinity pool, gardens, and jogging path for hotel patrons. This building is an amazing feat of modern architecture, especially when you consider that the infinity pool (the size of three Olympic swimming pools) holds 380,000 gallons of water. That's more than 3 million pounds of water alone up there!

Lucky for me, it also has a restaurant that is open to the public. We got a reservation for brunch at Lavo, and it was one of the best buffets I've ever seen. I mean, look at that pasta.

The brunch was super delicious, and the view was absolutely incredible. Behind our heads (photo facing to the southeast), you can see the supertree structures and Cloud Forest of Gardens by the Bay and all the boats hanging out in the port of Singapore, and facing northwest, you can see all of downtown Singapore.

Photo I clearly didn't take credit: Mark Souza

It was also really cool to walk through "The Shoppes" at Marina Bay Sands. The shopping mall is 800,000 square feet and has a moat inside so you can take gondola rides, like the Venetian in Las Vegas. There was also this weird cool bowl that you could whisper across because of how it conducted sound. All in all, the "boat hotel" was very cool. I can't see myself paying to stay there, so it was really nice that they have a public restaurant. The entire complex is worth a visit, and you could easily spend half a day walking around and exploring everything Marina Bay Sands has to offer.


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