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A Serene Evening in South Lake Tahoe

I spent a lovely day in South Lake Tahoe on the first part of my drive back east. There are two main areas in Lake Tahoe, the north and the south. North Lake Tahoe is just outside of Reno, and I'd been there already on a skiing trip a few years back. For that reason, I decided to visit South Lake Tahoe, which is three hours from Oakland and about 45 minutes from Nevada's capital Carson City.

lake tahoe as seen from south lake tahoe ca

My mid-week visit wasn't too crowded, but it was clear that the area gets a lot busier during peak vacation season. There were a lot of places for renting water sports gear, just as North Lake Tahoe had a lot of snow-gear rental shops. South Lake Tahoe also has a lot going on in the way of everything from beautiful luxury resorts to charming pubs, cafes, and this donut shop, Glazed and Confused (haha).

chocolate donut in glazed and confused donut shop south lake tahoe ca

I enjoyed walking a path along the lake and seeing the boats in the clear water. The water was surprisingly not as cold as I thought it would be. It certainly wasn't swimming temperature, but it wasn't as cold as Crater Lake. I managed to catch a nice sunset above the mountains, and it was a peaceful evening.

Also, as always, I have to include this gorgeous yellow flowering bush that was lining sidewalks and the bike path all along the lake.

yellow wildflowers on the edge of lake tahoe california


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