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A Hidden Paradise: Genova's Villetta di Negro Park

Tucked away in the heart of the city, the Villetta di Negro is a small park with big charm. The footpath winds its way uphill where you can cross two bridges in front of a waterfall, wander into a grotto, and finally find yourself with some excellent views of the city.

view from genovas villetta di negro park

waterfall in genovas villetta di negro park

All up, the park probably spans only two city blocks, but because of its vertical reach, it feels like a lot more. I think I spent a good hour wandering through to find all the park's nooks and crannies, and it was well worth it even though the weather wasn't ideal for photos. There are cute spots to sit and read, some statues, a koi pond, and wondrfully winding pathways. The park is home to an art museum as well, the Chiossone Oriental Art Museum.

My favorite thing about this park is that it's only 15 minutes from my house. On the map, it just looked like a little spot of greenery, and I really only discovered it because I thought, "Why not?" It was nice to be pleasantly surprised with both a beautiful park and also a great spot for panoramic views of Genova. I will surely be back, hopefully in time for a sunset, too.

If you're in town and plan to check it out, here's a map of Genova's Villetta di Negro park. The excellent viewpoint is in front of the museum (or on its left), but the highest point of the park is actually just above the green number 5, which is just called the forest. Also note that the museum does cost money, but the park is totally free and open to the public.

map of genovas villetta di negro park


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