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A Beautiful View of Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, California

If you are anywhere near Redwoods National Park in Northern California and wondering if Crescent City is worth visiting, it is. The Battery Point Lighthouse and Museum is the gem of this charming town, and you can't beat a sunset on the beach.

Lizzie and I had a fantastic dinner at SeaQuake Brewing before walking down through Beachfront Park, across Battery Point Beach, and down the Lighthouse Jetty. Not only is the water beautiful here, but we also caught eyes on a few sea lions in addition to tons of seagulls.

We ended up walking down the entire jetty, which was almost a mile long. It was a really cool sight by the end of it, and I enjoyed the graffiti.

Looking at the time, I knew we would only make it up to the lighthouse or down the jetty before dark. I decided to do the jetty so we would have views of the lighthouse, and it was for sure the right decision. I mean, LOOK at these pictures. Thanks to cloudy skies, the sunset was amazing.

I know I took way too many pictures of the same two views, but it was just so pretty. And when it finally got dark enough that the lighthouse beacon turned on, I had to snap just one more.


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